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What Is a Sponsorship Request Letter?

A Sponsorship Request Letter is a document that contains a request for fundraising and is sent to individuals and entities. The purpose of the request is to offer its recipients encouragement as a reward for their donation. The donation can be made in cash or in other forms, for example, by contributing resources instead of cash.

Alternate Name:

  • Sponsor Request Letter

Such kinds of letters can be used in different situations. For example, an event organizer can send a Corporate Sponsorship Request Letter to a business and ask them to contribute to the event. The business receives better recognition and the organizers receive the funding they need for the event. Or a sponsorship request can be sent by a sports team in order to receive contributions that will help them to enter competitions, cover the cost of sporting equipment, and other expenses. 

In addition to the situations mentioned above, a Sponsorship Request Letter can be sent to recipients from churches, schools, volunteers, goodwill organizations, etc. For a full list of Sponsorship Request Letter templates please check out our library below.

How to Write a Sponsorship Request Letter?

Making the request is a fast and easy-going process. A Sponsorship Request Letter template can include parts, such as:

  • Information About the Sender. In the first part of the document, the sender is supposed to designate their name and contact information, which includes their address, telephone number, and email. It will help in case the recipient would like to contact the sender for more details;
  • Introduction. Here the sender should introduce themselves and describe their organization. They should provide information about the organization’s goals, a brief history, and other aspects about their background. It will help build a better connection with the recipients, as well as increase their chances to receive a donation;
  • The Reason for Fundraising. Senders can use this part of the letter to state the reasons why they are asking for contributions. They should detail how exactly the money will be used. For example, they should state that all of the received contributions will be put towards organizing an event, buying clothes for children, participating in sports competitions, etc.; 
  • Recommended Donation Amount. To make the donation process easier for the recipient, the sender can provide them with recommended donation amounts. It can be one or several amounts that the sender is expecting to receive. If the sender is accepting non-cash donations, they should describe the items and their amounts that they would like to obtain;
  • Incentive Offer. This part of the document should contain information about the incentive that the sender is offering to those recipients who will make contributions. The encouragement depends on the situation and is generally presented by different ways of advertising the sponsor;
  • Contribution Instructions. In order to make it more convenient for the recipient, the sender can provide instructions on how to make the contribution;
  • Conclusion. In the last part of the letter, the sender should express their hope to hear from their prospective sponsor soon and sign the letter.

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