Free Alaska Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

What Is an Alaska Bill of Sale?

The documents used in the State of Alaska to transfer ownership of any property from one party (the seller) to another (the buyer) are called Alaska Bills of Sale. These documents are legally binding agreements between the seller and the buyer. They are used to record the sale of different types of property, including vehicles, firearms, boats, furniture, livestock, equipment, and many others. The properly created and signed bill of sale is proof of transfer recognized by all officials of the state. It can even serve as evidence in a court in the case of a dispute.

An Alaska Generic Bill of Sale is a document used to record the sale of different types of property - including equipment, livestock, furniture, and other property.

Types of Bills of Sale in Alaska

The forms can be subdivided into four major types:

  • Alaska Generic Bill of Sale. According to the Alaska laws, neither the seller nor the buyer is obliged to fill out any specific papers when transferring the ownership of a minor property;
  • Alaska Vehicle Bill of Sale. The Mobile Home Bill of Sale released by Fairbanks North Star Borough is the only government-issued form regarding the sale of vehicles within the state;
  • Alaska Boat Bill of Sale. The Alaska laws require the form during the boat registration. At the same time, the state does not provide any official form to complete;
  • Alaska Firearm Bill of Sale. The State of Alaska does not demand to complete any forms when transferring firearms.

Does Alaska Require a Bill of Sale?

In most cases, a bill of sale is not required by law in the State of Alaska. There are only two exceptions:

However, it is better to complete this document for the additional protection of both the seller and the buyer. The form signed by both parties and containing the necessary information may become a crucial document when it is necessary to prove the fact that the transfer has occurred and that the buyer is now the legal owner of the described item.

How to Write a Bill of Sale in Alaska?

The form is prepared in two original copies. It should contain the following sections:

  • Buyer Information. The section includes the name, physical address, and driving license number of the buyer;
  • Seller Information. This section contains the same information about the seller;
  • Item Description. This part has all the important details about the item to be transferred, like its general description, make, model, year, serial number (if any), and others. If the item has any defects, they should be enlisted as well;
  • Payment Details. This section requires all the relevant information about the payment made, including purchase price, payment method, the date the payment is or will be received and others;
  • Sale Details. This part contains details regarding the specific transaction: the date of ownership transfer, warranty details (if any), and any special conditions;
  • Signatures. Both the buyer’s and seller’s signatures are required.

For additional guaranty, the document may be certified by a notary public and two witnesses. 




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Download this document to prove the fact of a boat purchase in the state of Alaska. You have to prepare this form to serve as a purchase receipt and as written proof of the purchase.

The Alaska Firearm Bill of Sale is a legally binding agreement that testifies the transfer of any kind of firearm from one party to the other.

An Alaska Generic Bill of Sale is a document used to record the sale of different types of property - including equipment, livestock, furniture, and other property.


An Alaska Vehicle Bill of Sale is a form used to confirm the sale of a car, truck, trailer, or any other motor vehicle.

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