"Firearm Bill of Sale" - Alaska

What Is an Alaska Firearm Bill of Sale?

The Alaska Firearm Bill of Sale - also known as the Alaska bill of sale for a gun - is a form used to document the details of the firearm's sale. If properly filled out and signed, this form is a legally binding agreement that testifies the transfer of any kind of firearm from one party to the other.

Though the state of Alaska does not require any special paperwork when selling firearms, both the buyer and the seller often want to have a legal document that proves the bargain. Containing the important details about the handed firearm, the seller, the buyer, and the transaction, the Alaska Firearm Bill of Sale form confirms the fact of the sale and may become invaluable evidence if any debatable situation occurs.

If you want to buy or sell a gun in Alaska, download and fill out the template provided below. In case you need something more specific, you can build your own bill of sale with the help of our customizable online template.


Download "Firearm Bill of Sale" - Alaska

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Alaska Firearm Bill of Sale Requirements

The Alaska Firearm Bills of Sale are valid if they include all relevant information. The documents must contain:

  1. Identification information about the buyer and the seller. Both parties must provide their full names, physical address with state and ZIP-code, and driver's licenses numbers;
  2. A detailed description of the transferred firearm. Indicate the make, model, caliber, and serial number. Specify if the firearm has any defects. If yes, list them on the form. Provide additional information important for the transfer;
  3. The price paid for the firearm. Specify the amount both in words and in numbers. You can also add a payment type. If the whole sum is not paid at once, enter the down payment amount, the due amount, and the date the amount is due. In this case, the buyer should provide the seller with a promissory note to be attached to the bill of sale;
  4. Details of transaction. At a minimum, provide a date the transfer occurred. If there are any special conditions, for example, the described firearm is given as a gift or traded for another item, these conditions must be carefully described in the form;
  5. The section containing the buyer's and the seller's disclosures. Both the buyer and the seller must read their disclosures and confirm that the information provided is true and correct to the best of their knowledge;
  6. Signatures of the seller and the buyer;
  7. Notary public's certification and the signatures of two witnesses.

Prepare the document in two copies. Each copy must contain the original signatures.