Free North Dakota Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

What Is the North Dakota Bill of Sale?

A North Dakota Bill of Sale is a general name used to indicate a series of documents completed during the sale and purchase of various types of property. It verifies the deal and identifies the buyer as the new legal owner of the goods. Additionally, it will release the seller from any liability for the property.

North Dakota Bills of Sale are divided into several types:

  1. Generic. It is typically composed to record the transfer of personal items between private parties. It is possible to use this document when no specific government-issued form is available.
  2. Vehicle. There are two vehicle bills of sale, both released by the North Dakota Department of Transportation:
  3. Boat. This document records the fact of the transfer of any watercraft registered in North Dakota.
  4. Firearm. Create a bill of sale if you want to sell or purchase firearms (rifles, pistols, and other similar assault weapons from the category of legal handguns).

On top of these documents, Bowman County has its own official Bill of Sale for Beef Exhibitors.

Do You Need a Bill of Sale in North Dakota?

The State of North Dakota does not require you to document the sale of most personal items, it is only mandatory when you are going to participate in a deal involving the sale of a vehicle. However, it is a good idea to compose a bill of sale even when it is not prescribed by law in order to obtain crucial evidence of the item transfer.

A North Dakota Bill of Sale should cover all aspects of the sale, so make sure it includes the following information:

  1. Identification information and mailing addresses of the seller and the purchaser;
  2. Full description of the transferred property. The description must make the process of item identification easier. List any defects and customization if the property has them;
  3. Basic terms and conditions of the sale. You must identify the city or county where the transaction takes place, the date when the papers are signed, and the price of the goods. You should also list the dates of payment if the parties negotiate installment payments;
  4. Warranties and guarantees. The seller may provide the buyer with implied or given guarantees. Although, in most cases, the property is being sold "as is" - in its current condition;
  5. Signatures of the parties or their legal representatives.

Create two copies of the document for each party so that you are protected in the future against possible disagreements or fraudulent claims.




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Use this official state form if you need to record the details of the sale and purchase of a vehicle in the state of North Dakota. It establishes the fact of sale and protects both parties from potential disagreements and fraudulent claims in the future.

Use this legal document in order to record the details of a gun transfer from the seller to the buyer in the state of North Dakota. Completed properly, it becomes proof of sale and purchase accepted by all government agencies.

North Dakota does not offer an official Generic form. Download this General Bill of Sale to document the transfer of any kind of personal property from the seller to the buyer. This form provides important information about the deal, its participants, and the transferred item.


Download this legally-binding document that documents the transfer of any type of boat from the seller to the purchaser. The form contains relevant information about the sale and serves as proof of the boat transfer.

This document is designed to allow law enforcement agencies to enter into sales contracts with private parties. Abandoned and impounded vehicles are frequently auctioned by government agencies in order to recover the expenses of towing and storage. This specific form is useful if you wish to purchase a vehicle at a low price from a reliable seller.

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