Wholesale Invoice Template

Wholesale Invoice Template

What Is a Wholesale Invoice?

A Wholesale Invoice is required for wholesalers who want to charge their customers for their services. As wholesalers generally buy or produce goods in large amounts, it is important to keep on track of payments and issue invoices appropriately in order to keep cash flowing into the business. Invoicing ensures organization and can make the customer pay faster. You need to ensure that the invoice looks professional and contains all the relevant information required for efficient payment.

This type of invoice should contain the Wholesale Invoice price for your goods as well as any discounts that the customer is entitled to. At a first glance it may appear strange to add discounts, but in fact, it is important to show the customer the bonuses they get when working with you. When they can visually see this, it makes them more loyal to your business.

A Wholesale Invoice template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Invoice a Wholesale Customer?

Invoicing a Wholesale Customer is very quick and simple, ensure that you have followed the following structure:

  1. Company information. At the top of the invoice, ensure that you have included your company name, logo and relevant contact details including an address, contact number and email.
  2. Include the date of the invoice and the invoice number so that both you and the customer can track the invoices quickly and efficiently.
  3. At the top, you should include the total due for the invoice and the deadline date by which the invoice should be paid in full.
  4. Customer information. You should also include full details about your customer including their name and address.
  5. After this, you should clearly outline all of the goods for which the invoice was created. They need to be written in a simple manner and include the name of the goods purchased, the quantity of the goods, the price per quantity and the overall price for each specific product, taking into account the overall quantity.
  6. When you have included all of the goods, end the list by presenting the wholesale discount that your customer receives along with the corresponding sum.
  7. Deduct this discount from the sum to produce an overall subtotal - the total payment that the customer has to make.
  8. Check that all information is correct and send the invoice.

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