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We understand that electric vehicles are more than just cars; they are a lifestyle choice. Our website also provides insights into the environmental impact of EVs, discussing their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Find out about the government incentives and tax credits available to electric vehicle owners, such as the IRS Form 8910 Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit and the IRS Form 8834 Qualified Electric Vehicle Credit. Take advantage of our resources to make an informed decision when purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle.

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This form is used for affirming the status of an electric vehicle in the state of Illinois. It is necessary for owners of electric vehicles to complete this form and provide the required information.

This Form is used for applying for an electric vehicle charging station for employees in the state of Oregon.

This document outlines Volkswagen Group's powertrain and fuel strategy. It provides information on the company's approach to developing and implementing sustainable and efficient powertrain technologies for their vehicles.

This document is used for applying for electric vehicle charging at an employee's workplace in Oregon.

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