Free Kentucky Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

Does Kentucky Require a Bill of Sale?

Kentucky Bills of Sale are legally binding documents used to substantiate the fact of sale and purchase. The main purpose of these documents is to record basic terms of the deal, information about all participants, and a description of the transferred item. Generally, they are divided into four categories:

  1. Kentucky Generic Bill of Sale. This document is used to sell all kinds of items, from personal property to livestock. The state does not offer any government-issued form you can use for this purpose;
  2. Kentucky Vehicle Bill of Sale. Use this document to record the details of the sale of your car. No government-issued forms are available;
  3. Kentucky Boat Bill of Sale. Kentucky does not have any official form you can fill out to document the sale of your watercraft. A basic template can be legal as long as it contains all the necessary information;
  4. Kentucky Firearm Bill of Sale. Complete this document when you sell your gun in the state. Kentucky does not provide you with any official form you can fill out during the sale of your firearm.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky does not require you to complete a Kentucky Bill of Sale when you sell or buy any item. However, you are strongly recommended to have it, since this document:

  • Is legal proof of the sale and purchase accepted in the court of law;
  • Serves as the purchase receipt;
  • Protects the legal interests of all parties of the deal;
  • Helps to fill out and substantiate your annual tax forms.

Keep your copy of the document in a safe place to protect yourself from possible fraudulent claims.

Kentucky Bill of Sale Requirements

A Bill of Sale in Kentucky does not have any special requirements. You can use any basic template and customize it according to your needs. So your contract protects the legal interests of both parties effectively, make sure it contains the following:

  1. Identification information about all sellers and buyers involved in the deal. The minimal required information is full names of both parties, but you can also add physical or mailing addresses, phone numbers, and driver’s licenses numbers;
  2. A detailed description of the sold item. The provided description must allow identifying this item clearly;
  3. Full list of the defects if any;
  4. A clause stating that the buyer takes the described item “as-is”;
  5. Full description of the terms of the sale. At a minimum, indicate the date of the sale and the sales price. If you agreed upon any specific terms, include them as well;
  6. Signatures of all parties involved.

You are not required to notarize your bill of sale. However, if you want to add an extra layer of protection to your deal, you can ask a notary public to certify your signatures.




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Use this document to record a transaction of any kind (e.g., electronics, furniture, livestock, and others). The State of Kentucky does not possess any official forms you can use, but you are welcome to use our template.

Use our template in the event you need to sell or buy watercraft in the state of Kentucky. Enter your personal details that allow the identification of both parties of the sale, the description of the boat, and the terms of the purchase.

Download this form to sell or buy a vehicle and document the details of your transaction. This form constitutes legal proof of the transfer and protects the legal interests of both parties of the deal, the seller and the buyer.


This form contains information about the buyer and the seller of a firearm, as well as details about the firearm and constitutes a legally binding agreement between parties of a deal. It may be used by firearm dealers and individuals in Kentucky.

Fill in this form if you are a resident of the state of Kentucky and would like to apply for a Kentucky Certificate of Title and Registration.

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