Generic Bill of Sale Form - Kentucky

Generic Bill of Sale Form - Kentucky

What Is a Kentucky Bill of Sale?

A Kentucky Generic Bill of Sale is a document you create to record the transfer of many kinds of items from one party, usually called the seller or transferor, to another, called the buyer or transferee.

Alternate Names:

  • Bill of Sale;
  • General Bill of Sale.

This document is a legally binding agreement used to substantiate the legal claims of both parties. It contains the identification and contact information of the seller and the buyer, a full description of the sold item, and the basic terms of the sale. You can use this document to sell or buy any kind of item, from electronics to livestock, although usually it is filled out to record the sale of personal property.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky does not provide any government-released form that you can fill out when selling personal items. You can download the State of Kentucky Bill of Sale form provided below and fill it out with your information. You can also use a customizable form and modify it according to your needs by adding extra information.


Do You Need a Bill of Sale in Kentucky?

Kentucky Bills of Sale are not legally-required documents. At the same time, sellers and buyers usually prefer to complete them to have written proof of the deal. They are very useful when it comes to protecting the legal interests of both parties from any fraudulent claims that may arise in the future. Buyers often use a Bill of Sale as a purchase receipt and material evidence they are the legal owners of the described item from now on. Sellers keep it to prove they disposed of the indicated item and are not responsible for its usage anymore. It comes in handy when it is time to fill out your tax returns since it contains a lot of important information about the deal.

Usually, it is the seller's responsibility to create a Bill of Sale. Do it as follows:

  1. Provide identification information about both parties of the deal. Make sure you indicate all of the sellers and buyers involved. The minimum required information is the full legal names, but addresses, phone numbers, and ID numbers are often entered as well;
  2. Describe the sold item in detail, in order to identify it clearly. Enter the size, color, make, year, and other important information. If you sell electronics or other items with serial numbers, make sure you entered them on the document;
  3. If the item you sell has any faults, disclose them to the buyer and list them in the document;
  4. Enter the date of the sale;
  5. Provide the sales price both in words and in digits;
  6. If you and the buyer agreed upon any specific terms (e.g., you are giving the described item as a gift, the buyer makes payment in several transactions or any others), detail them on the document, too;
  7. All sellers and buyers involved must sign the document.

Does a Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Generic Bill of Sale does not require notarization. As long as it contains the signatures of both parties, it is considered a legally binding agreement accepted by any government agency. However, if you want to add some extra layer of protection, you can customize the basic template with a block for a notary public's certification. You can also add the block for names and signatures of two witnesses.

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