Free Nevada Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

Does Nevada Require a Bill of Sale?

A Nevada Bill of Sale is a legal document that serves as proof of ownership for the property described in it. It records the legitimate agreement of the parties to enter into a transaction. Nevada laws require bills of sale if you sell or buy any vehicle or a mobile home; otherwise, it is not mandatory. Still, you can create additional documentation to protect your interests better.

There are bills of sale for every occasion, depending on the property being sold and purchased:

  1. Generic. This is the most common legal certificate used for any type of property.
  2. Vehicle. There are two government-issued forms in Nevada that may be used to sell a vehicle - Form VP104, Bill of Sale, and Form OHV 006, Off-Highway Vehicle Bill of Sale. The latter records the details of the sale of any off-highway vehicle, while the former is used for every other vehicle without any restrictions.
  3. Boat. This document proves that a purchase has been negotiated and executed between the seller and the buyer with regard to a vessel.
  4. Firearm. It is signed by two parties who want to sell and buy any legal handgun.
  5. Mobile Home. This form is used as evidence that the mobile home or manufactured home was sold and purchased legally.

How to Fill Out a Nevada Bill of Sale?

There is no government-issued generic Bill of Sale in Nevada, so you can draft it yourself. There is no need to use specific legal words, that is why you can manage without the help of a professional lawyer. Nevada Bills of Sale need to contain the following information:

  1. Identification of the parties involved. Add the seller and the buyer's full legal names and mailing addresses. To help with a proof of ownership in case that the item is stolen and the new owner has to prove they own it, you may also state driver's license numbers;
  2. Description of the property. Mention every distinctive characteristic the goods have - color, size, type, shape, material, identification, and serial numbers, customizations, etc.;
  3. Terms and conditions of the sale. If the item is given as a gift to another party, state that in writing. Indicate if the trade takes place. The most common compensation for a sale is money, so submit the amount of money paid and the chosen method of payment;
  4. Seller's disclosure. It is an optional provision, however, it is useful. The seller informs the purchaser of the faults and defects the item has. It could be a serious flaw or a cosmetic issue. This section may also contain the "as is" condition, which means the property is being sold in its current state;
  5. Signatures of both parties. Make sure you do not forget to write the actual date the transaction takes place.

It is recommended to keep at least two copies of the signed document for the records. The purchaser who becomes the new owner should have the original document, while the seller retains a copy.




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This is an official form released by the Nevada Department of Business and Industry. It documents and proves the legal sale and purchase of a manufactured home (mobile home) between the seller and the buyer.

This form is the official state template issued by the Off-Highway Vehicle Commission of the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to record a legal sale and purchase of any off-highway vehicle (OHV). It is used to verify and confirm the sale of the vehicle made for off-road use.

This is a template you complete when selling or buying a boat in the state of Nevada. It contains important information about the seller, the buyer, and the boat you purchase, as well as the details of the transaction.


Download this form when you sell or buy a firearm so you may document the fact of the gun transfer. This form normally contains information for easy identification of the seller, the buyer, and the sold firearm.

This form is used to document information about the sale of various items (e.g., electronics, furniture, livestock, and others). Nevada does not have any official forms you can use in this case, but you are welcome to use our template.

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