Boat Bill of Sale Form - Nevada

Boat Bill of Sale Form - Nevada

What Is a Nevada Boat Bill of Sale?

A Nevada Boat Bill of Sale is a legal document that summarizes the details of the transaction between the seller and the buyer regarding the sale of any motorized or non-motorized boat. It shows the willingness of the parties to be part of the deal, proves the payment took place and protects both the seller and the buyer from any possible problems in the future, since this document is recognized by the courts of law. The importance of a properly drafted Vessel Bill of Sale is sometimes underestimated, but this is a transaction that usually constitutes a major financial investment for most people, so it is highly recommended to put the agreement of the parties in writing.

Alternate Names:

  • Vessel Bill of Sale;
  • Watercraft Bill of Sale.

The Nevada Boat Bill of Sale form can be used to record information on the sale of used, brand new, or handmade vessels. It should include personal information of the parties, a full description of the watercraft, price, date, and location of the sale, seller's disclosure of any defects of the vessel at the time of the sale, and signatures of both parties. If you want to create your own Bill of Sale, you can use our customizable template or simply download a ready-made one below.


How to Sell a Boat in Nevada?

If you want to sell your boat in Nevada, you should take the following steps:

  1. Repair your vessel before you start the sale and purchase process because some defaults or defects may prevent the deal from happening. Then you can determine the worth of the boat. Clean it and advertise it using accurate information. To present the vessel to the potential purchasers, you need to choose the best possible location.
  2. Decide which documents are necessary to make the sale final. Traditionally, a Bill of Sale proves the ownership along with the vessel registration certificate. There may be other official documents that demonstrate you own the vessel, for example, a court order or a dealer's invoice. In certain cases, you will also need to possess a copy of the statement of origin, or an out-of-state title or registration card. Obtain a special permit and a certificate if the boat is equipped with a marine toilet.
  3. Draft the Bill of Sale. After the papers are signed, each party must have a copy of the Nevada Boat Bill of Sale.
  4. Once the deal is finalized, give all documentation on the boat, including warranty cards and maintenance records, to the buyer who, being now the new owner, becomes responsible for registering the boat with the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Does a Boat Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in Nevada?

The NDOW requres byuers and sellers to notarized their Boat Bills of Sale after the transaction.

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