Request for Leave Templates

Are you in need of some time off from work? Do you require leave for personal or medical reasons? Look no further, our request for leave documents are here to assist you. Also known as request for leave forms, these documents are designed to guide you through the process of requesting time off from your employer.

Our diverse collection of request for leave forms caters to various situations and jurisdictions. Whether you are an employee in Hawaii, Iowa, New Jersey, Indiana, or any other state, we have the appropriate form for you. With documents like HRD Form G-1 Application for Leave of Absence, Form 552-0798 Request for Military Leave Dates, NAVPERS Form 12600/4 Bupers Civilian Employee Request for Leave Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, Form 12740 Request for Leave From Home Detention, and State Form 49044 Request for Leave and Verification of Services Provided for State Employee Community Service Leave Program, we have got you covered.

Submitting a request for leave can sometimes be a complicated process, but our easy-to-follow forms simplify it for you. You will find all the necessary fields and instructions on these documents to ensure that your request is complete and accurate. By using our request for leave forms, you can have confidence in knowing that you have provided your employer with the necessary information and documentation to grant your time off.

So, if you need a break from work or have personal or medical matters to attend to, don't hesitate to use our request for leave documents. They are the perfect resource for requesting and documenting your time away. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve by using our convenient and comprehensive forms. Start your leave request process today!




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This form is used for applying for leave in the government service.

This form is used for requesting and authorizing leave in the United States Air Force.

This Form is used for requesting a period of leave without pay in the state of Arkansas. It allows employees to take time off from work without receiving their regular salary for a specific duration.

This form is used for requesting leave from home detention in the state of New Jersey.

This form is used to request permission for temporary military leave. This form can be used to request an emergency leave, a vacation, travel, or an extended pass.

This document is used by employees of the City of Petaluma, California to request leave or notify their employer of an upcoming absence.

This Form is used for requesting leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) related to the coronavirus disease Covid-19 in Wisconsin.

This form is used for requesting leave in the state of Connecticut. It is a document that allows individuals to formally submit a request for time off from work or other commitments.

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