Foster Child Templates

Are you considering becoming a foster parent or are you currently caring for a foster child? The information and resources you need are here. Our comprehensive collection of documents provides guidance and support for foster parents, social workers, and agencies dedicated to ensuring the well-being and safety of foster children.

Whether you're looking to complete a Foster Child's Data Record and AFDC-FC Certification, evaluate an unrelated visitation resource, or assess the enhanced foster care program, we have the forms and instructions you need. These resources are specific to various states, such as California, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Illinois, ensuring compliance with local regulations and procedures.

Our documents cover a range of topics, including progress reports, damage reimbursement programs, and assessments to help caregivers monitor the growth and development of foster children. With our collection, you can confidently navigate the complexities of fostering and provide the best care possible for these vulnerable children.

Explore our extensive library of foster child resources and discover the tools you need to navigate the foster care system. From forms to guidelines, we strive to make the process as accessible and seamless as possible for foster parents and professionals alike.




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This form is used for specialized foster home services in South Carolina. It provides information and documentation necessary for the application and approval process.

This Form is used for evaluating an unrelated individual who wishes to be considered as a visitation resource for a foster child in the state of Alabama. It provides instructions on how to assess the suitability of the individual and their home for hosting the child's visitations.

This form is used for completing an addendum to the Enhanced Foster Care (EFC) assessment in Oklahoma. It provides additional information and updates to the original assessment.

This form is used for conducting the initial health screening of children entering foster care in Washington.

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