Free Temperature Log Sheet Templates

What Is a Temperature Log Sheet?

A Temperature Log Sheet is a typed or handwritten document that registers temperatures in food and medicine storage areas with the intention to make sure the level of temperature is safe and items will remain in proper condition. You have to maintain correct temperature levels in the food industry and health facilities - it will not only save your property but will allow you to avoid legal issues. For instance, if you administer a vaccine that expired due to inadequate storage conditions, you may face serious penalties.

Refrigerator Temperature Logs are handy for the following situations:

  • Recording dates and times when you collected temperature data;
  • Collecting older temperature readings for comparison purposes;
  • Determining if the current temperature is outside the ideal - whether recommended or required - range;
  • Sharing charts with supervisors and auditors for further inspections.

How to Use a Temperature Log?

You can create a Refrigerator Temperature Log for the following industries:

  1. Healthcare. Medical storage areas that have hundreds and thousands of vaccines and medications must have the correct temperature at all times of day and night - otherwise, individuals responsible for this storage may have to deal with drug deterioration, an increase of toxicity, and compromised levels of effectiveness - future users of the vaccines and medicine may be at risk. If you discover a malfunction in your refrigerator that leads to the degradation of pharmaceutical items, you will have to report it and these items will be recalled.
  2. Food. It is required to store and prepare different kinds of food supplies at different temperatures - if you fail to do so, you jeopardize the safety of everyone who eats the food later. Additionally, food items that were not properly stored may lead to the possible closure of your establishment and major financial loss.
  3. Transportation. Whether you have to ship medicine or food, these perishable items must be stored with the proper temperature during their transit. It helps other industries to maintain the integrity of their items.

Types of Temperature Logs

A Refrigeration Temperature Log is indispensable for food workers, healthcare workers, and medical scientists. Once you set the acceptable temperature, you will be able to monitor items in cold storage and write down the date in a chart. See our library of Temperature Log Sheets below to verify temperatures of your items and confirm that your refrigerated equipment works without any issues:

  1. Vaccine Temperature Log (in C and F). Draft this log to record temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer compartments of the vaccine storage unit every day. Also, you can document improper events such as exposure of vaccines to temperatures outside of the recommended ranges and room temperature at the time you discovered the issue.
  2. Food Temperature Log (in C and F). Restaurant managers and food workers can use this chart to control and record the temperature of various food items at their establishments and events.
  3. Refrigerator and Freezer Temperature Log. Maintain this log for all refrigerators and freezers at your facility and take corrective actions for additional maintenance or repair.

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