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Are you looking for information about diesel fuel? Look no further! Our website is a comprehensive resource for all things related to diesel fuel, also known as diesel fuels or diesel fueled. We provide valuable insights and useful information for consumers, businesses, and industry professionals.

Diesel fuel is an essential component in various sectors, including transportation, construction, agriculture, and mining. It is widely used in automobiles, trucks, trains, generators, and other heavy machinery. Our collection of documents covers a range of topics related to diesel fuel, including fuel tax exemption certificates, refund claims, supplier returns, and more.

For example, you can find documents such as the Form CDTFA-231-PT Fuel Tax Exemption Certificate for Diesel Fuel and Motor Vehicle Fuel Train Operators in California. This form allows qualified individuals or organizations to claim an exemption from fuel taxes on diesel fuel used for specific purposes.

Another example is the Form B&L:DRF Claim for Diesel Fuel Tax Refund in Alabama. This document enables individuals to request a refund of the diesel fuel tax paid for eligible activities.

If you're in the military, you might be interested in the AE Form 600-17A Request and Authorization for Additional Gas or Diesel Fuel. This form is used to authorize and track the use of additional fuel for military vehicles and equipment.

For those in Texas, the Form 06-106 Texas Claim for Refund of Gasoline or Diesel Fuel Taxes is available. It allows individuals to claim a refund for taxes paid on gasoline or diesel fuel used for off-highway business activities in Texas.

Lastly, if you are a supplier of diesel fuel in California, you'll find the Form CDTFA-501-DD Supplier of Diesel Fuel Tax Return useful. This document is used to report and remit the diesel fuel tax collected as a supplier in California.

Our website offers an organized and user-friendly platform where you can access and download these documents, among others, related to diesel fuel. Whether you need information on fuel tax exemptions, refund claims, or reporting obligations as a supplier, you'll find it all in our comprehensive collection. Explore our resources today and fuel your knowledge on diesel fuel!




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This form is used for reporting sales of dyed diesel fuel for nonhighway use to specific entities in Illinois, including the federal government, authorized foreign diplomats, municipal corporations operating local transportation systems, and certain privately owned public utilities.

This form is used for claiming a refund on diesel fuel taxes paid in the state of New Jersey.

This Form is used for reporting exempt and non-exempt sales of aviation fuels in Illinois. It provides instructions for filling out Schedule LB of Form RMFT-17.

This form is used for reporting the exempt sales of aviation fuels, kerosene, and diesel fuel, as well as reporting non-exempt aviation fuel sales in Illinois.

This document is used for reporting dyed diesel fuel sales in Texas. It applies to bonded users of the fuel tax system and covers reporting for the year 2004 and later.

This form is used for requesting and authorizing additional gas or diesel fuel. It is a necessary document for obtaining extra fuel for certain purposes.

This Form is used for claiming a refund of diesel fuel tax in the state of Alabama. Follow the instructions to file your claim accurately.

This form is used for filing a petition to request a refund of diesel fuel tax paid in the state of Alabama.

This Form is used for applying for a refund on the motor fuel user fee paid on diesel fuel used in non-highway equipment in South Carolina.

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