Source Water Templates

Are you in need of information regarding water sources and their management? Look no further! Our comprehensive collection of documents on source water, also known as water sources, water sourcing, or water source form, provides valuable insights and resources for individuals and organizations involved in water management.

With documents like the Water Withdrawal Application Form for Kentucky, the Form TCEQ-20755 for Lead and Copper Source Water Treatment Recommendation in Texas, and the Applicant Checklist for Water Withdrawal Permit in New York, our collection covers a wide range of topics related to source water.

Whether you are looking for information on obtaining permits for water withdrawal, implementing treatment recommendations for lead and copper, or understanding the requirements for fire protection water supply, our repository of documents has got you covered.

From the Statement of Claimant Form for Stockpond Use in the Agua Fria River Watershed in Arizona to the Standard for Fire Protection Water Supply Requirements in Harris County, Texas, our extensive collection caters to various geographical locations, ensuring accessibility to relevant information no matter where you are located.

Explore our source water documents and gain valuable insights and resources to support your water management initiatives.




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This form is used for completing a checklist to ensure compliance with wellhead protection measures in Oklahoma. It helps to ensure that proper measures are in place to protect groundwater resources.

This document provides recommendations for treating source water contaminated with lead and copper in Texas. It is used by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to help water treatment facilities in their efforts to ensure safe drinking water.

This document is used for applying for approval to use a specific source of bottled water in the state of Michigan. The approval is necessary to ensure the safety and quality of the water being bottled.

This document provides a guide for protecting the sources of water for non-municipal public water supplies in Michigan. It includes helpful information on ensuring the quality and safety of these water sources.

This form is used for requesting an exemption for a supplemental potable water source in Vermont.

This form is used for residents of Vermont to report information about their surface water source.

This form is used for conducting investigations on farms regarding additional water sources that are not included in the initial questionnaire.

This Form is used for reporting the analysis of lead and copper in the entry point source water in Illinois.

This document outlines the specifications needed for water supply systems in Harris County, Texas, for effective fire protection. It provides guidance on the requirements for system design, capacity, and maintenance to ensure adequate water delivery in case of fires.

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