Free Appraisal Forms and Templates

What Are Appraisal Forms?

Appraisal Forms are documents that reflect either the opinion on the performance of an individual in relation to the standard or an assessment of the value of an object. Browse our library of theme-specific forms by clicking the links below.

What Are the Different Appraisal Forms?

  1. A Performance Appraisal is a process through which management can evaluate and provide feedback on the performance of their staff. The appraisal form provides information that may be used when deciding about pay increases and promotions. Some outcomes of an effective evaluation system may be the following: enhancing the overall productivity, making informed personnel decisions, clarifying job responsibilities and expectations, improving employee-manager communication, developing capabilities through feedback, and aligning behaviors with the company’s mission and values. This appraisal serves both as a developmental experience for the employee and as a teaching opportunity for the manager.
  2. A Student Appraisal refers to the evaluation of a student’s performance and attitude. The student’s instructor uses this tool to give the student career and academic advice, as well as to determine the course grade. This serves not only as an evaluation instrument for the instructor but also a learning tool for the student.
  3. A Health Appraisal (or a health assessment) is a screening that a physician conducts to assess the health status of either patients or students. It is comprised of a series of procedures, including screening tests, dental and medical examinations, observations, psychological tests, and medical histories. The importance of student health evaluations lies in having updated and complete information about any condition that may interfere with the student's learning.
  4. A Self-Appraisal is a report composed by the employee where they judge the quality of their own performance at work. Employees should include their goals in relation to their job, an assessment of their skills, and their acknowledged areas for improvement. This assessment is later discussed with their supervisors in order to set job and career goals.

How to Do an Appraisal?

All evaluations must be conducted by individuals who are prepared to perform the task. They must ensure they have access to all relevant information so that they can make a comprehensive and accurate assessment for the intended purpose. Regardless of the goal of the assessment, appraisal forms should have clear instructions and be easy to use, by following a logical order and a neat design.




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