Boat Bill of Sale Form - Minnesota

Boat Bill of Sale Form - Minnesota

What Is a Minnesota Boat Bill of Sale?

The Minnesota Boat Bill of Sale is the document you create to record the fact and details of vehicle transfer from the seller to the buyer in Minnesota. It is a legally binding agreement that proves the change of ownership and releases the seller from the responsibility for the sold boat and its use. The document usually contains important information about the parties of the deal, the transferred item, and the details of the transfer. It is required to establish the ownership transfer if buying or selling a boat licensed in Minnesota.

Alternate Name:

  • Minnesota Watercraft Bill of Sale.

Minnesota does not provide you with any state-issued form you can use for this purpose. This basic template becomes legal if all necessary information is included. You can download and complete the form through the link provided below or create a Minnesota Boat Bill of Sale using our form builder .


How to Sell a Boat in Minnesota?

According to the Minnesota laws, non-motorized watercraft over 10 feet and all motorized watercraft operating within the state must be licensed. The boat can be licensed at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in St. Paul or at any deputy registrar of the motor vehicle (the same office you visit to license your car). When selling a watercraft currently titled in Minnesota, provide the buyer with a bill of sale. If your boat is titled, give the buyer the properly assigned certificate of title. The titling may be required for the boats over 16 feet long.

When completing the bill of sale, do not forget to include the following information:

  1. Identification information about the seller. It is recommended to specify the name, physical address, and driver's license number;
  2. Identification information about the buyer;
  3. Description of the boat that includes the length, manufacturer, model, year, type of hull material (plastic, metal or wood), type of propulsion, hull identification number, and other details. If the trailer is included in the sale, specify it and add the make and year. If you sell your watercraft with an outboard motor, specify its make, year, and horsepower;
  4. Sales price. It is better to indicate the price you agreed upon both in words and in digits;
  5. Date of sale;
  6. Additional details. This part may contain the list of defects the watercraft has. If you agreed upon some additional conditions, they should be properly described in this section;
  7. Signatures of both parties.

Prepare at least two original copies of the document. Give one to the buyer and keep the other one for your records.

Does a Boat Bill of Sale Need to Be Notarized in Minnesota?

The form does not require notarization in order to be valid. However, you can have it notarized if you want some extra protection. It is the buyer's responsibility to submit a completed bill of sale and a transfer application to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources License Center or a deputy registrar within 15 days of the sale.

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