Boat Bill of Sale Form - Mississippi

Boat Bill of Sale Form - Mississippi

What Is a Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale?

A Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale is a written document needed to transfer the ownership of a motorized or non-motorized vessel from the seller to the purchaser for a certain sum of money. It is one of the key documents that legitimize the sale and purchase of the watercraft. A properly-composed bill of sale serves as a proof the transaction actually took place and will protect both parties of the agreement from possible disputes that may arise in the future.

Alternate Names:

  • Watercraft Bill of Sale;
  • Vessel Bill of Sale.

There is no government-issued Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale form. You can create your own Vessel Bill of Sale using our customizable online template or download a ready-made one below. You can use it to sell and buy new, used, and handmade vessels.


How to Sell a Boat in Mississippi?

To sell a boat in Mississippi you must take several important steps:

  1. Prepare the vessel, repair, clean, and repaint it. Remove your belongings from the watercraft. Determine the reasonable price for it. Advertise the boat properly, using pictures. Make sure you watch out for fraud - it is highly recommended to meet the potential buyer before you enter into any transaction and ask for an electronic payment;
  2. Decide what documentation is mandatory to finalize the sale of the vessel. Keep all the receipts, warranties, and title in the folder to make the transaction easier. Draft the bill of sale after negotiating the terms and conditions with the buyer. Make sure that the document includes the following information:
    • Seller and buyer information. State the full names, addresses, and driver's license numbers of the parties;
    • Description of the watercraft. You may enter the following details into the document; the make, model, registration number, year, color, engine power (horsepower), odometer reading. It is necessary to state if the boat has an outboard engine or a trailer;
    • Date and price information. Write down the date of the sale and purchase, the sum of money to be paid, and identify the payment method;
    • Seller's disclosure. Prior to signing the agreement, the seller must inform the buyer about the faults and defects of the vessel. If there are not any, the boat is being sold "as is" - in its present condition;
    • Signatures of the parties or their legal representatives.
  3. After you sign the papers, you need to give all the documents, including maintenance records and warranty cards, to the new owner. The purchaser is responsible for getting insurance for the watercraft and filing all the required registration documents with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.

Does a Boat Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in Mississippi?

A notarized bill of sale must be used when registering or transferring ownership of any boat. If the document is not notarized, it must be signed by no less than 1 (one) witness.

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