Firearm Bill of Sale Form - Montana

Firearm Bill of Sale Form - Montana

What Is a Montana Firearm Bill of Sale?

A Montana Firearm Bill of Sale is a legal document that records the legal sale and purchase of various firearms in Montana. It contains specific information about the seller and the buyer of the gun and includes details that help to identify the gun. Additionally, it establishes in writing that the mutual consent to the purchase took place.

Alternate Name:

  • Montana Gun Bill of Sale.

There is no government-issued Gun Bill of Sale in Montana. If you wish to compose your own Bill of Sale, you can use our customizable form builder online or download a ready-made document below.

Does a Firearm Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in Montana?

This document does not require notarization. It is, however, advised to keep signed copies of the executed bill of sale for personal records.


Montana Firearm Registration

The State of Montana has very permissive gun firearm laws. It is a "shall issue" state, which means every qualified applicant is allowed to receive a license to carry a concealed weapon from the local sheriff's office within sixty days. The application must be presented with the following materials: evidence of completion of the firearms safety course, confirmation of the applicant's residency, driver's license or ID card, and proof of paid fee. However, concealed carry is illegal in state and local government offices, establishments that serve alcohol, schools and places with "no guns" signs. Open carry is permitted even without an official permit. Outside of city limits, permits are generally not required.

Gun laws in Montana allow the residents of the state to bear arms for personal protection of their family and property, and also for hunting. There is no gun registration, no magazine capacity limitations or an assault weapon ban. When it comes to private party transactions, no background checks are required for the sale.

How to Write a Bill of Sale for a Gun in Montana?

Sellers are advised to record all transactions. The Montana Firearm Bill of Sale has to include the following information:

  1. Seller and buyer's full names and mailing addresses. It is also recommended to identify the parties to the agreement by writing down their driver's license numbers;
  2. Description of the firearm. State the manufacturer of the firearm, its model number and serial number, caliber, and other particulars that may be used to distinguish the gun later;
  3. Date and location of the sale;
  4. Price of the firearm and the method of payment. The parties may negotiate the price and choose how to pay for the gun - in cash, email transfer, or internet banking. If the payment is made in cash, a Bill of Sale is critical to protect the interests of the seller;
  5. Warranties and guarantees. Usually, the firearm is sold "as is" - in its current condition, with no improvements and repairs;
  6. Signatures of the parties. There is no need to register a gun in Montana, so once the papers are signed, the buyer becomes the legal owner of the item.

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