Request for Authorization Templates

Are you in need of authorization for a particular task or action? Look no further than our comprehensive collection of documents for requesting authorization. Also known as request for authorization forms or request for authority, these documents provide you with the necessary paperwork to formally request approval for various purposes.

Whether you need authorization to bid on a project, use certain materials in your construction process, or divert water for consumptive use, our collection has you covered. Our range of forms includes the Form BDE124 Request for Authorization to Bid/Or Not for Bid Status - Illinois, Form RP-08 Request for Authorization to Use Shingle Scrap in Hot Mix Asphalt - Air Quality Permit Program - Minnesota, Form DEEP-WPMD-REQ-003 Request for Authorization Under the General Permit for Diversion of Water for Consumptive Use: Filing Categories - Connecticut, and many more.

With our request for authorization documents, you can ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork in place to seek approval for your desired actions. Save time and streamline your authorization process by utilizing our reliable and comprehensive collection of request for authorization forms.

So, why wait? Take advantage of our wide range of request for authorization documents today and get the official approval you need for your endeavors.




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This form is used for requesting authorization for a continued stay at a skilled nursing facility (SNF) through Healthpartners.


This document is a request for authorization to use a general vendor helper in New York City. It is used to seek approval to hire an assistant for general vending activities.

This Form is used for requesting authorization and reimbursement for expert and other services in death penalty proceedings.

This form is used for private pesticide applicators in Virginia who want to request authorization to take the pesticide applicator examination at a Department of Motor Vehicles Customer Service Center.

The purpose of this Army RST Form is to give a U.S. Army Reserve soldier the option to reschedule a Battle Assembly/Multiple Unit Training Assemblies and for them to be able to make a request for a different date, alternate place or leave of absence (an authorized leave) if applicable, due to personal or medical reasons.

This form is used for requesting authorization under the General Permit for Diversion of Water for Consumptive Use in Connecticut. It includes filing categories for easy classification of the request.

This document is a request for authorization to issue Qualified Zone Academy Bonds in the state of Iowa. These bonds are used to finance projects aimed at improving the educational facilities in designated economically distressed areas.

This document is used to request permission to dispose of internal records in the state of Louisiana. It outlines the process and criteria for properly disposing of records and preserving important documents.

This document is a request for authorization to purchase and display a plaque in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It outlines the purpose and details of the plaque, and seeks approval from the appropriate authorities.

This form is used as a legal document and filled out by a treating physician of an employee with a work-related injury or illness to request authorization of special medical treatment, services, and procedures.

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