Welcome Letter to New Employee Template

Welcome Letter to New Employee Template

What Is a Welcome Letter to a New Employee?

As part of your company's onboarding process for a new employee, sending a Welcome Letter to a New Employee can help them feel welcome and begin to settle into their new role. This letter can explain more about your company, expectations for all employees, and other information any new employee will need.

Alternate Name:

  • Employee Welcome Letter.

An Employee Welcome Letter template can be found through the link below.


How to Write a Welcome Letter to a New Employee?

To create your own employee welcome letter you will want to include the following information:

  1. Header with your company's logo, address, and contact information.
  2. Date.
  3. Subject line welcoming the new employee, such as, "Welcome [Employee Name] to Team Google!"
  4. Opening salutation (include the new employee's name).
  5. Introduce who you are and your role in the company (such as the Human Resources Director). Talk about how excited you are for this person to be joining the company and how their role will benefit the organization. You can also include a sentence about what you enjoy most about working at the company.
  6. Detail the basic duties of the role, such as when the working hours will be, which department the employee will report to, who their supervisor(s) will be (include their contact information), their employee ID number, and if the employee will be receiving any company equipment (such as a computer, company phone, credit card, etc).
    • You can also remind them that a full list of their job duties and expectations are available in the contract they signed should they have questions about their role;
    • If there is any probationary period, restate the time length and write the date the probationary period will have concluded.
  7. Next in the Employee Welcome Letter, explain how the new employee can access any of the benefits available to them.
    • For example, if your company uses a web service to track benefits, provide the web address with the login information and a brief description of what they can access from this site;
    • If you have any additional benefits (such as a company gym membership or education discounts) include instructions on how the new employee can access those and if there is any probation period for certain benefits.
  8. It is also a good idea to restate any basic code of conduct rules at your organization and how the employee can report violations of this code or any other type of harassment to your Human Resources department confidentially.
  9. Close your employee welcome letter by again welcoming them to your organization and that you are excited to have them join your team.
  10. Closing salutation.
  11. Your name, signature, and job title.

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