Firearm Bill of Sale Form - Wisconsin

Firearm Bill of Sale Form - Wisconsin

What Is a Wisconsin Firearm Bill of Sale?

A Wisconsin Firearm Bill of Sale is a document completed to record the transfer of the gun from the seller to the purchaser.

Alternate Name:

  • Wisconsin Gun Bill of Sale.

The Wisconsin State Government does not provide any official forms which may be used to establish the details of your deal. Any template is valid if it contains basic information about the parties and the sold firearm. You may download a Wisconsin Gun Bill of Sale form through the link below or create your own document using our customizable online template.


How to Sell a Gun in Wisconsin?

There is no legal requirement to complete a Bill of Sale during a gun transfer, but it is strongly recommended to draft one. It will serve as the material evidence of the firearm transfer and a purchase receipt for the buyer. Properly composed, it will release the previous owner from any responsibility for the use of a gun in the future. Additionally, this form is accepted and recognized by all government agencies and courts of law, so both parties are legally protected in the event of a dispute or fraudulent claim.

Include the following information in your Wisconsin Firearm Bill of Sale:

  1. Names, physical addresses, and driver's license numbers of the parties;
  2. Location and date of the transaction;
  3. Description of the gun. State its caliber, make, model, type, serial number, barrel length, color, accessories, customizations, and other distinctive characteristics that may be used to identify the firearm;
  4. Agreed-upon price of the gun and the chosen method of payment. It is especially important to properly document the deal if the transaction is made in cash and several installments;
  5. Warranties and guarantees. The seller may give an implied or given guarantee to the buyer; otherwise, the firearm is being sold "as is" - in its present condition, with all possible issues and defects, some of which are not immediately visible;
  6. Signatures of the parties.

The Bill of Sale becomes legally binding once both parties to the agreement sign it. The State of Wisconsin has lenient firearm laws - there is no legal requirement to obtain a gun license or purchase permit to buy a shotgun or rifle, just like there is no firearm registration. The form is the only necessary document that proves the gun has changed ownership.

Does a Firearm Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin does not require a notary for Gun Bills of Sale but it is generally a good idea to have notarization or witness to a sale in order to confirm the transaction has taken place. This can save any possible trouble that might occur if the seller or buyer contest the transaction at a later date.

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