Generic Bill of Sale Form - Wisconsin

Generic Bill of Sale Form - Wisconsin

What Is a Wisconsin Generic Bill of Sale?

A Wisconsin Generic Bill of Sale is a document you complete to record the details of the transfer of different types of property from a seller to a purchaser. You may use it to buy and sell electronics, furniture, pets, jewelry and other items that the State of Wisconsin did not issue a specific form for.

Alternate Names:

  • Bill of Sale;
  • General Bill of Sale.

To document your transaction, you may download and fill out a Wisconsin Bill of Sale form below. Alternatively, you can build your personal Generic Bill of Sale with our customizable online template.


Do You Need a Bill of Sale in Wisconsin?

There is no legal requirement to complete a Bill of Sale when selling and buying personal property in Wisconsin unless the deal involves vehicles, real estate, or mobile homes. Though it is not needed officially, it is strongly recommended to fill out a Bill of Sale, since it is equally important for both parties. It serves as proof of purchase and outlines all the specifics of the deal. Buyers will use the document to prove they are now legal owners of the goods, and sellers will release themselves from any liability for the described item.

A Bill of Sale in Wisconsin should include the following information:

  1. Personal information of the seller and the buyer. Identify both parties by their names, add their mailing addresses and driver's license numbers;
  2. Description of the sold property. State all the relevant details that can be used later to identify the transferred item - its size, color, serial number, model, make, and other characteristics the parties deem important. You may also list the defects the item has in this section;
  3. Payment information. Indicate the price of the property and the chosen method of payment;
  4. Date and location of the sale. Specify the exact time and place where the item becomes the possession of the new owner;
  5. Seller's disclosure. The seller may provide the purchaser with guarantees, or the item is sold "as is" - in its current condition;
  6. Signatures of the parties.

Prepare the document in two original copies for each party.

Does a Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in Wisconsin?

This form does not require notarization, however, you may prefer to have your Bill of Sale notarized to add an extra layer of legal protection.

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