Firearm Bill of Sale Form - Georgia (United States)

Firearm Bill of Sale Form - Georgia (United States)

What Is a Georgia Firearm Bill of Sale?

A Georgia Firearm Bill of Sale is a legal document that allows for the transfer of ownership of guns or firearms (rifles, pistols, or other comparable assault weapons that fall into the category of legal handguns) between two parties (individuals or companies). This document contains the history of the item, the contact information of the seller and the purchaser, and shows their mutual consent to enter into the transaction.

The state of Georgia does not currently provide an official Bill of Sale. However, there are several requirements for the document, and you have an opportunity to create your own Firearm Bill of Sale online with our customizable template or download a ready-made one below.

Does a Firearm Bill of Sale Need to Be Notarized in Georgia?

A Firearm Bill of Sale in Georgia does not require notarization. No local laws prohibit you from having additional certification so if you feel that some issues may arise in the future, you can supplement the document with an additional part containing signature fields for two witnesses and/or a notary public certification.


How to Sell a Gun in Georgia?

Individuals and companies alike may sell and purchase guns. Bear in mind that handgun dealers, along with their employees, have to obtain a license from the Georgia Department of Public Safety before they can conduct any firearm transactions. There are no Georgia gun laws that require permits or licenses to own a gun. Since there is no strict regulation, private owners and buyers can easily sell and buy firearms. It may be wise to determine the price of the item before you sell it via a gun appraisal process. After that, you only need to draft a Bill of Sale to finalize the transaction.

This document usually contains the following information:

  1. Seller and buyer's full names and mailing addresses;
  2. Date and location of the transaction;
  3. Firearm description. Write down its caliber, model/type, make, serial number, color, barrel length, customizations, accessories, and other distinctive features that can be used to identify the gun. If the parties to the agreement want, the condition of the gun at the time of sale may be stated in the form;
  4. The agreed-upon price of the firearm and the method of payment. If the transaction is made in cash, it is highly recommended to use a Bill of Sale that serves as protection;
  5. Warranties and guarantees. This clause explains whether the gun is being sold "as is" or if there are any additional guarantees implied or given. The condition "as is" means that the seller sells and the purchaser purchases the firearm in its present condition, and the buyer accepts the handgun with all possible defects and issues, some of which may not be immediately visible;
  6. Signatures of both parties. The Bill of Sale only becomes legal once both parties to the contract sign it. Make copies of the document for record-keeping. The buyer should have the original Bill of Sale. Since there is no firearm registration in the state of Georgia, this document is the only thing needed to prove that the gun has changed ownership.

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